Saturday, January 29, 2011

skylar mckell

this would be my best friend and i! and i can't even begin to tell you about how i feel about her. she is literally one of the only people that i can relate to in so many ways! i remember the first time we hung out, we were just talking about boys, and i can't remember what was exactly said, but we just kept agreeing, and like i would heard things that her boy was saying to her.. and i would be like "oh my, peter used to say those things all the freaking time!" and i guess that's where me and her really started. she has literally saved me from our ...lack of a junior class, that i actually like. next year, i was so worried because i wasn't going to have smoot, j, steph, grant.. the seniors in general.. but now i know i will have her! it is so good to know that you have such a good best friend! i know i can turn to her for anything, and she will come to me! this spring break is going to be bomb, she is coming with me and my dad's family to florida, and i can't even tell you how excited i am. i'm sure we will find sooooome way to get in trouble :) i guess i just wanted to say, i'm so happy she is in my life now, i don't know what i would do without her. i love you girl :) and i will always keep your secrets, and i know i can always trust you with mine, and that is really hard to find, not only in THS, but in girls in general. i know that i can always count on you to be a listening ear, and i love to hear stories about your mom, and i'm sure it's good to get off your chest at times. i envy your faith, i can't even begin to be as good as you in that field. i know you are going through struggles, but i will always be there for you! 4 am, i will get my butt down there and save you! no matter what! i hope you know that. well i guess i would just like to say, meet my best friend skylar.

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