Saturday, January 29, 2011

heart melting.

on a warm summer day, i was driving home from a place called Michigan Adventures. my phone started vibrating, and the name Daaaaad popped up on my screen. the conversation started a little rough, and he popped the news that my step mom to be was prego. i was not a happy camper at the time, and later on in September he told me that they were going to be twin girls. obviously a part of me was excited, because yes, i would be having 2 more sisters to love, but i don't think it was the right timing. but i couldn't of been anymore wrong. the babies were born the night before i was supposed to fly back out to Utah, January 2nd, 2010, and i got to go see them at 5 in the morning before i went to aboard the plane. i fell in love right then.

Maizy May & Zoe Rose, my new love affair. they have taken over my heart, along with Sophie and Lulu. i could never be more grateful to have these babies in my life. i hate the fact that i only get to see them 2 times a year, and if i am lucky, 3 times. it seems completely unfair, hence the fact we are sisters.. i feel like one time i will go to visit and they wont even recognize me! that is a nightmare!

 to the left: my dad and step mom's wedding, my step mom and i trying to get the babies bracelets on!

on the right: Halloween time! (zoe in front, maizy in back)

above: i think this was taken in the fall time as well (maizy on the left, zoe on the right)

the left: this was taken the day i arrived this past December at our family Christmas party! i can't even begin to tell you how happy i was to see my baby sisters! (zoe on the left, maizy on the right.. me in the middle? i bet you could have guessed that!)

i guess I'm just missing my baby sisters today, they are about a year old and almost a month! it's crazy how you can completely change your feelings about a whole situation, and i definitely did! 
love you maizy may and zoe rose with my whole heart!

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