Monday, January 31, 2011

Drivers Ed.

I am a procrastinator, it's that simple.

I turned 16 about a year ago and a month, and yes.. I do not have my license. But before you are baffled, this is what happened.

I was in Freestone's class, and she did NOT like me all that much to begin with. Well i had appendicitis, and I went to the emergency room, and they did an emergency surgery to get it out. I was in the hospital for 3 days, and i was out of school for about 3 weeks. I know it sounds crazy, but my insides are all messed up, so it brought on more challenges then the usual removal.

Anyways, I had finished all my drivers ed assignments, and I would have passed. But she decided that she shouldn't pass me. Okay okay okay, i guess that's not very fair to say, but I had all the class periods doctor excused for the ones i missed, AND i did the work. She still said "you weren't in class, so you can't get the class hours, therefor there is no point in you staying in the class for the next week, because you will not get credit".. Excuse me? I did allllllll the work, I was in the hospital, what did you want me to do? Wheel my hospital bed into the classroom? No, let's get real here. I was told I would have to finish the class online, aka retake THE WHOLE CLASS. I wouldn't have a problem with it, if i wasn't already behind all the students because of the fact that i was living in Michigan for the first year and a 1/4 of my high school career, and i need to make up those credits.

So, today after school i dropped my backpack off in my room, and looked at the drivers ed book that i have been waiting diligently for, and decided "i need to get started". I did just that, but here's the thing, I DIDN'T EVEN NEED THE BOOK I WAITED 4 MONTHS FOR. Are you joking me? And half the time, the page takes about 4 minutes to upload, which is really frustrating. Not to add, I'm taking this class on a MacBook, so I don't think all the things work very well, and it confuses me! that simple.

*ignore how bad i look, i just don't care anymore..and it's Monday :(

Maybe the man upstairs is trying to tell me, I need to get all the knowledge I know about drivers ed a little dust off, before i go get my actual license. Half the questions on the quizzes are stuff I think a 5 year old could answer (maybe that's pushing it).. But you get the idea. So I guess that is why I am frustrated at the moment, but I will be thankful for the moment i finish and I will be able to drive legally. Not that I don't already drive sometimes, but I obviously get scared that I am going to get pulled over, and get my license revoked until I am 18. That would be the worst thing (even though it's only about a year away hahah) I really do want to get my license ASAP, I feel like the biggest loser when I have to result to my mom driving me somewhere, like school.. It's also a pain to get her up, to be honest. I also hate relying on my friends to take me places, I want to be able to give my friends rides too! I guess I am just ready for that sense of freedom.

I really like to ramble sometimes, as you can see. I apologize if that was super boring.

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