Friday, February 4, 2011

A best friend

In high school, you hear "she's my best friend" a lot. or "he is my best friend"..

but let's classify some things, usually, when you say a guy is your best friend is because you are hiding your true feelings, and that gives you an excuse to talk to them, because you are "best friends" and that's what "best friends" do right? well, i think girls are a joke sometimes when they make that statement.

to me a best friend is the following:
-the person who will sit up with you while you figure out what to say to your crush
-the person who comes over at 2 in the morning when you get off the phone with an ex, and you just cannot stop crying.
-the person who knows what all your favorite drinks and foods are, and brings them to you when you feel down.
-the person you can undress in front of, and not feel self conscious. (in a non lesbo way)
-the person who can just see you and know you are having a bad day.
-the person who you accidentally match with cuz you have that similar of taste.
-the person who can finish your sentences.
-the person who you almost pee your pants with, or pee your pants with from laughing so hard.
-the person you jam out in the car with.
-the person who guinuenly hides your secrets, even from yourself.
-the person you can just sit with in silence, and that can be enough said.
-the person thats knows every detail of your love life, and hates boys for hurting you.
-the person that will just look at you and say "you look hot, good job!"
-the person who you can share the most laughs and smiles with.
-the person you can act like a 4 year old with.
-the person who knows you just can't take it anymore.

and so on, i feel like i have felt like i've had many of these; but they always end up stabbing me in the back. stealing the love of my life, telling my deepest darkest secrets, etc etc. i know, all those reasons seem stereo typical, but really; that is what i think of when i think of my best friend, or what they should be!

so tonight i pray, that my best friend as of now; will be different.. and i feel like she is, but let's just hope it continues. because, i don't know what i would do without her at this point.


tonight is going to be a good night! enough said with that. it's going to include:
a basketball game against our rivals
a party at a rivals house (ha)
my best friends house, with no parents, spending the night
.. like i said, it's going to be a good night!

*pictures to come! i gotta document it with my friends off of here, even though i have no idea if people read this.. if anyone! but if you do, thanks for dealing with my ramblings!

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