Friday, January 14, 2011

Importante personas en la life of Cassidy..

Let's get sappy.
I am feeling like i need to explain a couple family members in my life:

the women who birthed me
Heidi [hii-dee] also known as Mommy;
<-- she wasn't this young when she birthed me, don't fret. it was 6 years before she had her first child, me, at age 20. this is the person who has taught me all the things from tying my shoe, how to match (even though i don't enjoy matching), reading to me in a child voice when we read Junie b. Jones every night,  how to put on mascara, how to enjoy the good things in life- even though things might be crappy at times.. etc etc. but the one thing is that i can say about this woman, she is the most amazing person i have ever dealt with, not to add that she is the strongest person EVER, easily. she has given up so many things for her children, things you would never believe. she is the one that holds me and rocks me when boys break my heart, makes sure i shower and wear clean clothes, and tries to make sure i don't look too homeless everyday for school. we have had to spend time apart, but that is when we got the closest i think. we have been through it ALL together, me almost moving out in a teenage tantrum, divorces, and just growing up together. we share a bond that is not like most mother daughter relationships. where, she makes sure i go to church every Sunday, and grounds me when i don't make "appropriate" grades.. she's not that kind of mom. she realizes humans make mistakes, and we are all here to do what were meant to be, and she has been the one to make sure that i know that anything is truly possible, and fairy tales still exist if you believe in it.

what i call "the sperm donor"
Tad [taah- d], also known as Dad
<--- he was about 19 there, about 3 years before i was born. we have had what you would call a rocky relationship. he has walked in and out, countless times. but you can't help but love the man that made you come to this earth. he is one of the most intelligent people i know, like carry a thesaurus in your back pocket, kind of intelligence.. literally, he does. he is the person that can tear me down faster then anyone in the world, but also.. there's nothing like a fathers love, and he can make me feel like the prettiest princess at times too- even if it's not that often. he struggled with being a father the beginning of my life, but i always knew he loved me. when i turned 9, my parents got back together, and i moved in with him, which i hadn't lived with him since i was the age of 2. those were the hardest times of my life, I'm not gonna lie. he lives in Michigan, and I live in Utah, so i don't have to deal with him very often, but i would be lying if i said i didn't miss him, even though he has hurt me. but the thing is, he has probably made me laugh harder then anyone in the world- taught me how to dance, rap and all sorts of things. loved to take me on gas station runs and always come out with a red bull and strawberry mentos for me, and don't forget the orbit gum. our relationship is literally the prime example of a healed relationship. 

my personal angel
court [core- t] also known as uncle
 <-- he was about 20 there, and i was 5. my uncle was my father figure for the first 9 years of my life. when i was 10 on February 28, 2004, he was taken to the heavens at the age of 25. by far the hardest death of my life, thus far. he could take apart computers like it was nobodies business.. when he wasn't acting like a father figure he was acting like the annoying older brother, that would hit me in the head with the coco puff cereal boxes, or bribe me to do things for him with Pokemon cards. when he was nominated prom king, i was 2 years old, and he took me with him to the after party. he and i loved each other like no other, and from time to time i sit in my room and bawl my eyes out to him begging for an answer on why he would dare leave me down here to deal with things on my own. but then again, i know that he is taking care of me as much as he possibly can, from the heavens. i know the miracles in my life come from him, and i can't thank him enough. i miss you court, you know that.

the first sister
Sophie [soo-fee] also known as perfect
see that beautiful creature below me? that would be her. my first sister, my everything. she was born when i was of the age 7. i remember coming home from school, and walking into my grandma's room to see my mom sitting on the white comforter, when she told me that i would be having a baby sister. i can't tell you, the excitement i felt right then. finally, not an only child anymore. Sophie was born with CHARGE association, she was born partially blind, profoundly deaf, with retarded growth, ear malformation, and with a hole in her heart. my mother called me into Sophie's nursery, sitting on a rocking chair and told me, Sophie was disabled. i don't know why, but the fact of that, made me and Sophie so much closer. we were in the challenges of life in my household together, and my favorite thing is when she would grab me and snuggle up into my hair. there is a lot more to the story with Sophie, but i haven't seen her in over a year. and i miss her more then i have ever missed anything in my life, i miss her smile, i miss her funny laugh, and the vein that pops out in her neck when she laughs, i miss her strawberry red curly hair, that gets dreads in it, i miss her silky, and most of all, i miss laying in my bed with her and just staring at her flawless skin. Sophie Coco will always hold a special place in my heart, for as long as i live.

the trouble child
Courteney [core-tuh-knee], also known as lulu
oh my heck, this child.. kills me. she is beyond hyper, and sometimes goes in the category of annoying sister. but me and her, are in this life together, she knows way to much for her little age of 6, she's already had "boyfriends", bullies, and such, that make me want to go to the playground and give them a piece of my mind. she was born 6 months after my uncle Courteney (she was named after him) passed away. i can tell you this much about her, she has the BIGGEST heart you will ever encounter in your life. she hates seeing you cry, and can always cheer you up when you are having a bad day. i would do anything for this little girl, and she is what keeps me going every single day, the reason i get up in the morning. i know she needs me, and i need her, even though she is 10 years younger then me. she keeps me sane, and i love her for that. we like to have tickle torchers, watch Hannah Montana, and i love to brush her long blond hair. she is going to be the heart breaker of this family, she is flawless. i love you lu, even though you make me want to pull my hair out sometimes. 

my precious little babies
Zoe and Maizy [zoooh-ee , may-zee] also known as baby a & baby b..
left to right: Zoe then Maizy. they are the result of my dad's new marriage. and they mean more then anything to me, they just turned 1 on January 2nd. they were born on the day i was leaving to come back to Utah, and i got to see them before my plane took off, in the hospital of course. i don't get to see them very much, and when i found out they were coming, i wasn't too happy. but, i now think about them all the time, and when i talk to my dad on the phone, i have him put in on speaker so they can recognize my voice. when i go back to Michigan for visits, i spend my time with these little suckers, we listen to outrageous songs so they can dance(well bounce), i feed them food even though they like to throw the little pieces of food on the ground. they think it's funny when they do that. Zoe is the shy one, when you say "hiii zoe!" she usually turns into my fathers chest, or my step mother. she has my heart, cares for a lot of people, and when i play fight with my sisters, she gets upset. and Maizy, she's the fire cracker. even though she was "baby b", she outweighs Zoe by about 5 pounds (looks like 10), she walked first, and she talks a lot more then Zoe.. she is in fact like me, crazy as can be. I love these babies!

the naughty child
Cassidy [cah-ss-uh-dee] also known as me
<--- i am 6 months old here, and you can already see that i love to smile! i was born to be loud and talkative, as much as possible. even though i talk a lot, i looove to listen to people, and their problems, call me a people person, if you'd like. i have been through my share of terrible events, and i believe they make me who i am today. i embrace my weirdness, and i like it at times. sometimes people say I'm too forward, but really, i just speak my mind; and when you get to know me, I'm really probably one of the nicest people, and i would do anything for any of my friends. i love to read, i read like it's my job. something about description in text, gets to me. i either want to major in business or broadcasting.. maybe both if i feel accomplishing. candy is my addiction, and i enjoy tart mango frozen yogurt with raspberries and cheesecake bites, from the golden spoon. if you want to make me happy, show up to my house with a root beer and some candy, i promise i will be ecstatic. i think the man upstairs gave me my challenges to show me that i can get through anything he gives me to deal with, and he def. has made it clear that i am strong. you might think I'm stuck up at times, but i would like it if you took the time to get to know me, and see why i can be so stand offish. i love meeting people, and i recently got addicted to stalking blogs. i have 10 piercings (no weird ones i promise, and no skanky ones, unless you think a nose piercing is), I'm a left handed girl, i promise my handwriting isn't horrendous. i have Indian, Irish, and Danish blood in me.. and i like to wear a lot of rings, necklaces, bracelets.. whatever i feel like that day. get to know me, i promise i don't bite.

wellp, that's some of the crazy people, i tend to call family. i love them all dearly.. and i really don't know how i would survive without any of them. even though some are no longer in my life, they have made huge impacts in my life, and i know that i am here to achieve the things they believed i could. family is a beautiful thing.