Friday, January 14, 2011

Ignore Button?

Yes, i am going to be that girlfriend..
I'm going to just throw some tips out there: let's just start with the fact, that yes, i do have a boyfriend.. but if you were around me today, you would have had not a clue that i am taken. weird how one day your boy will just walk right past you, it's fine, really. tip #1: never walk past your girlfriend, and not even acknowledge her. no it's not okay, boy's suck. plain and simple. blah blah blah- you are thinking, such a teenage girl; but spare with me. i DID just get out of the hardest relationships of my life, living 1588 miles away- i tell you it's hard, but it can be done i suppose. tip #2: stay away from long distance relationships, as much as possible. anyways, I'm not used to the whole "let's be together 24/7 and kiss in the halls (which i refuse to do) tip #3: don't PDA it up at school, it's gross.. i promise you can wait til you get home.. alone, and hang out all day after school and text 1000 texts a day" kind of relationship. okay, yes i did text the unmentionable boy from the post yesterday.. tip #4: don't have an electronic relationship, it's lame. but, that's all we could do until the beautiful skype tip #5: if you do get in a long distance relationship, purchase a web cam and download skype asap! came into our lives.. anyways, like i said, I'm just not used to being around a boyfriend everyday all day. i guess you could say, his avoidance today was- in fact, my fault. the other night we got into a huge fight, quite dramatic if you ask me. tip #6: don't have blow out fights, reasonable talking always ends better. let's just say, i barely talked to him yesterday, probably a total of 30 words, text and in person. which isn't hard to accomplish for me in text, because yes, i am the WORST texter in the world.. just to boys though, they bore me. so, we had a pep assembly today- haahahah some of the people were straight lying! saying out school has the best school spirit, i would disagree.. not saying i have the best school spirit, but i am one of the few that go to the games, let alone cheers. tip #7: i know, cheering can get obnoxious but don't just sit at a game, cheer a little. it's kind of sad really, that they had to specifically ask the student body to please come out and support, ha what has the drama hole of doom come to? this was completely beside the point, i apologize.- but after the pep assembly i was walking in the hall, and the boy toy walked right past me, to get a drink. ooookay, that's awesome. i brushed it off, tip #8: brush things off as much as standable, don't be a drama queen/king. bad day maybe? scared of me maybe? i don't know. but i saw him after lunch, when me and sky were driving in to park, late of course.. tip #9: TRY to be on time to your 4th period class, more then 10 times in a term. and he was leaving. i rolled down my window and asked "where are you going?" (let me mention, the only words spoken between us thus far today) and he just goes "I'm going home".. alright, then. so i rolled up my window and proceeded. i guess, you could say, I'm a little bugged. but instead of dwelling over it, I'll just sit here and drink my medium sized root beer drink, tip #10: get root beer as much as possible, it is the best drink.. enjoying every bit of it, blogging in my 4th period- aka most worthless class hence the fact it is the last day of the semester, and not letting dumb boy drama get in the way.

then after school came... i did go talk to the boy, and we did discuss our fight, a tad bit. but, here's a question he approached me with "are you ever going to talk to me again?" tip #11: don't act like a 12 year old, when you are 18; things will blow over, i promise. i have to admit, i laughed; hysterically. obviously i'm going to talk to you again, you goon. i guess we will just have to see what occurs, i can tell you this much - i'm not down for the drama, drama, drama that is within relationships. been there, done that! i've been pretty much married at one point, so to go back to the whole "let's start like an 8th grade relationship and get mad over dumb stuff, then make up 2 seconds later", no thank you. i think i'll pass.

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  1. 1: i agree on the root beer statement. it's naturally the greatest drink.
    2: timp has a really weird disease that the student body suffers with. I, who attended every football game, realized that you people do not cheer. it's bizarre, really.
    3: i love when people make children in the halls. love that a whole lot. PDA is the greatest.