Friday, February 7, 2014

sydney taylor

this past year has been one of the hardest of my life; honestly i think it could take the cake.

today feels eerie, the sky is grey, it's wet and cold.

today my eyes feel extra sensitive, and i feel like i could bust out in tears at any moment.

and my heart is extra heavy, more than i can even begin to explain to you.

the amount of shit i've seen on twitter about how 'suicide is pathetic', and 'i can't believe you guys are memorializing suicide, it blows my mind', makes me legit sick to my stomach that people can be that insensitive, even today.

do we not have the right to mourn? do we not have the right to remember such a tragic day in our lives?

not one of her friends agrees with what she did, or SUPPORTS what she did.

i don't defend what she did, i defend HER and who she was.

today i will remember an amazing girl, that changed and touched so many lives for the better.

i will remember the countless times i questioned her sexuality, and if she was all there.

i will remember the amount of pain my abs were in every time i would leave hanging out with her.

i will remember her love for candy, because i share that love.

i will remember her contagious laugh and smile.

i will remember how she was ALWAYS there for me no matter what bad decision i made.

i will remember when she was taking pictures of me on the toilet while i filed my toe nails.

i will remember when she made me pierce my own ear before hers to prove it didn't hurt.

i will remember her telling me that i stunk after i got my tonsils out and didn't shower for 3 days.

i will remember the countless treats we shared, and the whipped cream photo shoot in her doorway.

i will remember her, because she DESERVES to be remembered; and if you disagree with it, come say it to my face. i dare you.

I love you sydney taylor, and i will defend you until i am blue in the face because you are worth it.

i hope you've been at peace this past year, and continue to be.

you are forever in my heart.

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