Tuesday, October 22, 2013

who was there?

take a second.

 remember that time when your mom wouldn't let you go to your friends house and you were so sad? who sat on the phone for hours with you instead.

remember the time your uncle died? who was there for you.

remember when your cat was run over by a careless driver? who let you cry on their shoulder.

remember when you found out your ex boy and your best friend started dating? who did you rage to.

remember when you were stressing over packets, barely had sleep, and were cranky all the time? who still put up with you.

remember the time when your life seemed too crazy to sit in your house? who let you crawl into their bed with them.

remember when you lost one of your close friends to suicide? who checked on you in 30 minute intervals to make sure you were okay.

remember that time you didn't have enough money to buy lunch because you had to pay for attendance school? who selflessly bought you lunch.

remember that time when every girl in your class seemed to be spreading rumors about you? who stood up to them.

remember when you didn't have a car and needed someone to take you to and from school? who was your ride.

honestly, i feel like people often forget who was there for them in their lowest points. from when we were little tiny kids and not going to your friends' house was the end of the world to having someone checking on you every 30 minutes because someone close to you passed away. don't get so wrapped up in the now, and the new friends and all of that. REMEMBER the people that were there for you when no one else needed to be, but CHOSE to be. remember this when your new friends start to fade away with the seasons, of the ones that love you year round; in distress and in happiness.. because those people, those are the ones that matter most.

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