Friday, September 6, 2013

all about them metaphors today

here's the deal.. sometimes, i become one of the most bitter people to walk this earth (seriously, don't test me).. once things start going wrong, everything seems to start going wrong, and i just want to chop every pretty flower down by it's stem. yes, it gets THAT bad. people start to bug, sounds start to rattle my brain, and the thought of getting out of my bed is probably just as bad as if Channing Tatum were to knock on my door and me not be able to hear the knock.

sometimes my life feels unmanageable, it starts to feel like a slowly growing faster tornado of destruction. literally like Katrina. i don't know, sometimes i feel suffocated by what everyone is doing and i just can't seem to catch a break with anythiing. being an adult is hard, having all responsibilities is harder! i most def took being underage for granted. 

most days i just want to go in my moms room and cuddle up to her and have her paint my nails, and drink tea.. please, let me rewind a couple years.

cuz right now, life's pretty hard.

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