Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the end (so dramatic sounding)

who would of thought we would be where were at today? although we are the same as we were a year ago, it feels so distant.. and different then it was then. i wish things could have been different, ended better. but they didn't, and honestly we held onto bitter feelings for far too long. but one thing i have realized is that we were never good for each other, long term. you taught me some amazing lessons, how to be patient (most of the time), how to love unconditionally no matter what our differences were, and how to stand on my own once everything ended. our relationship taught me so many life lessons that i can carry with me forever.

sometimes it's extremely hard not to get hard feelings or to feel anger towards you; but then i think "why am i even being this way? it's not going to do either of us any good".. and i finally learned to just let it all go. let us go.

the relationship we shared was a learning experience, and i am beyond grateful for the lessons i learned. although some of our fights were a head ache, and harsh words were said, i can't say i am anything but grateful.

now that we're at the point where we don't even acknowledge each other half the time, it's hard to think we were ever as serious as we were. but looking from the outside-in, it's good to see you finally making decisions for yourself, and doing what makes you happy.

there is nothing in this world that i want more then for my loved ones to be happy, and although you're not in my life anymore, i still care for you; and i only want the best for you.

this is my farewell, i hope you do all the things you set your mind out to do; i hope you let go of the bitterness you still might carry with you from our relationship and feel grateful like i do. i hope you learn from our relationship and carry on the positives and leave the negative feelings behind.

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