Saturday, June 29, 2013

How funny is it when you fall in love and suddenly all those saved-up expectations, the ones you imagined that only in the movies happen, start coming true? All the hurt from the past, starts hurting a little less and doesn’t matter that much anymore. Instead of feeling the same old apprehensions and fears when you’re with your new found love, you started feeling different. The concepts of happiness, being respected and loved unconditionally felt not as faraway to you as they once did. Expecting that any day the person you will leave, but now waking up, blessed and relieved to find they are still there, that they are not going to abandon you. You realized that maybe this is that someone you prayed for and dreamt about. The type of relationship where you aren’t made a victim to the whims and games of your significant other. Isn’t it strange? You were asked for your opinion, what did you felt and what you wanted, it’s because you actually matter to that other person. 
The question now is, what’s better? Knowing that you finally have this type of love or knowing that it’s yours forever?

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  1. so happy for you cass. you deserve every bit of happiness that you're experiencing! you've been through a lot, and that has made you a lot stronger than even you probably understand. but know that there are people on the outside that recognize that, and that is what makes you so great! love you. xoxo