Friday, February 1, 2013

25 things about meeee! well 26

the lovely laura tagged me to confess 25 things!

1. i have a severe fear of windmills, and i don't want to talk about it.
2. i love to bite lips when i'm kissing, i don't know why but i LOVE it. sorry.
3. i have slept with blankies and 2 stuffed animals my whole life. future husband, you better make room for my blakie, thumper and cuppy.. they come first.. unless were having some alone time, naaaa whaaa i'm saying ;) awwwwk.
4. i have a seriously problem with holding grudges, but honestly i think i'm making process.
5. i panic without my phone; i'm not one to deny that it's my lifeline.. when basically all my friends live across the united states, i'm gonna need my phone/computer to communicate with them.
6. i sleep with 8 pillows and about 5 blankets, it makes me feel safe.
7.  i could drive the alpine loop probably 6 times in a row and still not be sick of it.
8. i have a serious obsession with candy, i always have it stashed in my room and i am constantly buying more.
9. i think my blood type is now 'diet coke' by how much i drink.
10. just these past couple months i have started getting a shopping problem, from ebay, to online boutiques and other amazing sites.. i guess that's what happens when you start working in retail.
11. i have an ongoing inbox message to myself on Facebook of endless quotes, i started it in 2009.
12. i have been having this reacuring dream that i'm losing my phone, breaking it, or it doesn't work.. i looked it up and it means i feel a lack of understanding from people, that i have been having a hard time getting through to people/i feel like people aren't listening to me. it's getting quite annoying.
13. i have been to 5 different therapists, but my most recent one is my favorite. 
14. i have an endless amount of belts, jewelry, pens/school supplies, underwear and sports bras.
15. i am a fiend for knitting, seriously.. call me grandma cassidy.
16. i have to brush my teeth at LEAST 3 times a day, I'm obsessed with how my teeth look.
17. i am a night owl, it is currents 3:46 am and i'm not even tired! but i'll sleep all day tomorrow, worthless.
18. my mom is one person in this world who i know will NEVER give up on me and one person i will NEVER give up on either.
19. i have this constant fear that my house is going to catch on fire and i'm going to lose all of my precious stuff.. not like my clothes (well kind of) but like pictures, letters, and my blakets... that's why i keep my picture box in my car, corsages too.
20. somedays i find myself waking up not knowing what day it is, i feel like my life is on a standstill right now.
21. in the past couple months, i watched the following shows from beginning to end: vampire diaries (onto the current episodes), gossip girl, pretty little liars (onto the current episodes), and now i'm on season 2 of one tree hill... if you know what i should watch next, let me know!
22. i get super OCD about the randomest things, i can't even pinpoint them because they come so naturally to me.. it's annoying to people at times.
23. i could go without showering for 4-7 days.. judge me, i don't care.
24. i'm a huge hoarder of things that bring memories up.. from old lockets, ticket stubs, dance tickets, receipts... anything..
25. lately i feel like i'm falling into this hole of loser-ness, i seriously never want to do anything! i need to start actually hanging out with people and going out..
& 26 (just cuz i can and i'm a rebel). in the summer, i could lay out literally everyday, in fact i do! i am a sun goddess.. there is nothing i love more then having a good tan, lighter hair, and white teeth! summer is my season for sure!
there's my 25 facts/confessions...
for all of you people that probably don't read my blog, anyone who wants to can do it!

take it or leave it, suckas.


  1. you should watch nashville! i am obsessed and think everyone should watch it. its on but only the first episode.. but watch it! you will be hooked.

  2. Friday Night Lights! ive watched the entire show twice, it never gets old!

  3. hahaha funny how I've been working on mine too, and the first line says "I was tagged by the lovely Laura" and how #23 is on my list too. I love all of these things about you, my little weirdo.