Sunday, January 13, 2013


it's funny to look back on who i was and how far i've come.. it feels so long ago that i was stressing over who i was going to take to preference and my biggest worry was not having all the plans work out. that was only a year ago! who would have thought that in that year: one of my best friends got married and had a beautiful baby boy, grant and i would break up and then 6 months later start working on things again, another best friends' missionary got home, i graduated from high school, and moved across the country.. life has a funny way of completely changing when you least expect it, and giving you hardships that may not make sense in the moment, but are needed to make the whole picture. i've always been one to look forward to my future and what it holds for me. i've always wanted to know more, and know the next step in my life. now, i realize, that's not what life's about. life is about rolling with the waves, taking what hardships are thrown at you and having faith that this is how it's supposed to be. something i've learned: ALWAYS follow your gut feeling, consider them answers to your prayers, and never stop having faith that God brought you here for a reason. i never pictured that i would be living in michigan again, in my dad's house. i never thought that i would have just finished my first semester of college, and be working at a job that i love. i have matured beyond measures and understand so much more about things i never thought would become clear to me. i am so grateful that my life took a complete turn for i know that if it hadn't, i wouldn't be half the person i am today. i know that i needed to move to michigan to work on myself, start to pray again and have faith, to learn to manage my money and have responsibilities other than going to high school and dealing with drama.. i know that this year was exactly what i needed, and i'm thankful.

what does this next year hold for me?
ya know, i'm not completely sure.. but whatever is coming..
i'm ready to embrace it with open arms
and know that if i have faith everything will fall into place.

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