Saturday, December 29, 2012


i wish i had some crazy news for you, but i don't really. besides...

hahahahah, just kidding!! how upset are you guys at me right now?

i wish my life was that interesting right now, but it's not even close..
i could tell you i've stocked about 200 pairs of shoes at my job,
and opened close to 500 boxes.
the amount of gossip girl episodes i've watched? that's a whole other problem.
and i won't even let you guys know how much clothes i've bought from forever 21 since i've worked there. it's something i'm working on.

one of the main things that really ruffled my feathers (as of late) was the fact that i almost completely ruined the blanket i've been knitting for a month. but don't worry, i fixed it.. phew.

on another note: i go home in about 4 days, and IM BEYOND EXCITED.
seriously, i cannot tell you how ready i am to be in utah with my family and friends.
i'm excited to drive up those mountains and feel at home, see my mommy, and gain back sanity.
i'm ready to eat an amount of costa vida to match my body weight, celebrate my birthday,
go to the justin bieber concert, and to hold my baby nephew COOPER TODD WILLES!
i'm excited to cuddle with my kitty and puppy, and lay in my bed naked. WAIT WHAT?
it's safe to say, i'm excited. if you haven't caught that vibe yet.
hopefully when i get home, i will have some good stories and insight for you.
but until then, enjoy some pictures as of late.

1 comment:

  1. I'm still getting over how much I hated you there for a minute.
    Get home.
    All my love.