Monday, November 19, 2012

turned out to be pretty personal (liebster award)

kay nothing is more flattering than to have the beautiful Rylee to nominate you for an award! thank you! i guess this award is given to blogs who have less than 200 followers. it's a great way to amplify your blogosphere with bloggers who are starting out and looking to get a name for themselves! here are the rules:  
>>must list 11 things about yourself
>>answer 11 questions nominee made for you
>>choose 11 of your own favorite blogs to nominate
>>create questions for them to answer (oh, and let them know they are nominated!)

1. i have a candy obsession, and i'm not ashamed. but the contradictory part of that, is that i'm obsessed with my teeth feeling clean and looking good.. weird, i know.
 2. i have a blanket, cuppy, and thumper that i sleep with every single night.

3. i could sleep all day and all night and still feel like i need to sleep, i LOVE my sleep.
4. most of the time i'm a pretty serious person, but randomly i'll get in weird moods and go crazy.

(i'm pretty shocked i'm sharing this with you, crazy i tell you)
5. i have an obsession with graphics and quotes, seriously.. whenever i feel like i need a break, i scroll for hours looking for them.

6. i do this weird thing where if i haven't talked all morning and haven't realized i still have a voice i subconsciously say "what? no" in my head then out loud, to make sure i still have a voice. i don't know, it's weird and i've never told anyone that before hahah.
7. i've been in love with the same person for 2 1/2 years. even though we've had our ups and downs, there's no one in this world that i love more then him. i thank God everyday that he brought him into my life. hopefully the future is bright.
 (our first picture we ever took together)
8. I have a serious issue with trust. i know so many people say that, but you can ask anyone that knows me well how much i struggle with it. i'm trying to be better.
9. (this might be a little personal) when i was little, i fell from my faith. i stopped praying because i felt like God wasn't listening to my prayers because all i ever did was ask him to take my pain away. the day where my pain went away never came, so i stopped praying. i got super involved in this thing called YoungLife and i STILL could not pray, it's like i had some mental block. recently, i have started to pray. every single night i find just that little ounce of faith in me to pray, to believe that he's there. i always start my prayers by thanking God for the many blessings he's put in my life and then ask for more strength. i don't ask him to take away my issues anymore, but i ask for the strength to endure them. i know God has given me the challenges i need to be the person i am, i'm just sad it took me so long to realize it.
10. this past week, i went a whole week without washing my hair... yikes. thank the heavens for hats!
11. sometimes i feel like this is the only place in the world where i can truly say how i feel, which is weird; because of the simple fact that i have NO idea who reads my blog... but i'm okay with it.

1. if you could do anything and money was no matter, what would you do?
wow, if i could do anything.. i think i would do TONS of humanitarian work, all around the world. ever since i've heard of the whole Ecuador trip, there has been something inside me constantly nagging at me that i need to go. everyone is here for a purpose, and we all need to help each other, that's part of being human. i think i would do whatever i could to make sure i had my part.
2. what is your favorite memory?
favorite memory? holy mother, that's a tough one. i will have to go with 3:
 1. when i was 4 years old, my mom had a BMW convertible. i was always around my mom's friends and constantly hung around them. one of my fondest memories was driving up the canyon with my mom, with the top down, blasting creed, as we were heading up to her friend Matt's house on the Provo river. I don't know why, but every time i ever hear a creed song, i think of me and my mom being truly happy in the mountains.
 2. grant and i said we loved each other, early on. and we truly meant it. i believe we started to love each other on a friend level and it grew to be more. one day, me and him were taking a nap at my house (yes, really trying to take a nap; keep your dirty minds away), i was laying on his chest, listening to his heart beat, and we laid in complete silence in complete darkness. sometimes his heart does this weird thing where it double skips or skips a beat, and his heart did this at that time when i was laying on his chest. in that moment, i started thinking and i realized i was scared. i was scared of the fact that maybe his heart would stop beating (dramatic i know, but you can't control where your mind goes), and i realized in that moment that i was utterly in love with him, and there wouldn't be a time in my life where i would ever want him to not be in my life. yeah, i know... we've broken up and said we would never talk again, but truly, i can't live without him. that memory is really close to my heart.
3. i was really worried that Sophie wouldn't recognize me when i went to see her for the first time in 3 years. my biggest worry is that she had forgotten about me. with her syndrome, you never know. when i got to her adoptive parents house, we talked outside for awhile, and they said "you wanna see your sister?", i instantly was nervous and of course i said yes. we walked through the hall, and i could hear that contagious laugh of hers, i turned the corner and saw her sitting in a swing, and i instantly was in tears, then she reached her arms out to me with a huge smile. that was one of the most heart jerking moments in my life and i wouldn't trade it for the world. i can't explain how relieving that day was for me.

3. who has made the biggest impact on who you are today?
wow, these questions are hard. i would have to say my mother. how cliche is that, but i truly mean it. no words can describe the love i have for my mom, no matter what happens. she is the strongest, most selfless, and caring person i know. most of my friends know how our relationship is, and it's not always easy.. but my mom is the most amazing woman i know.

4. if you could be any celebrity, who would you be and why?
well, i mean in a shallow way it would be jenna dewan because she's the wife of channing tatum.... but in a non shallow way, it would be mary kate olsen. she is seriously so beautiful and she has overcome some crazy obstacles in her life and has kept her pride and dignity. i've always been in love with the olsen sisters.

5. favorite holiday
halloween or thanksgiving, i love my candy and i LOVE thanksgiving food!
6. favorite movie
practical magic, bring it on, 8 mile.

7. who is your biggest role model?
the name that pops into my head instantly, is tammy christensen. my friends landon and tanner's mom.
8. where is the best vacation location?
anywhere with sun all the time. i love to lay out.

9. what goals do you have for the next year?
survive next semester! hahah kidding, sort of. keep working at forever 21 (because i love it) and do my best in school. move back to utah, and hopefully go to ecuador (cross your fingers for me!)
10. what were you like in high school?
i know it wasn't too long ago for me, but i feel like i'm a completely different person. i know, most kids say that, but i think i've done more growing these past couple months then my whole high school career. a way to describe me in high school is: social. to an extent, i LOVED having friends and being social. i was on twolf tv, and i loved it. i played sports in michigan up til i moved, and then i stopped completely. i lost and gained a lot of friends and a lot of times i didn't handle situations in the right way. but i guess the MAIN thing i would say about me in high school: i was learning. yeah, a little from actual school, but more about who i am and who i wanted to be.

i can't sit here and pinpoint what makes me the happiest right now. if i were to pick IN THIS MOMENT, it would be vampire diaries hahah. but my family and my friends make the happiest person in the world! to keep it short.

now, i nominate the following bloggers:
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4. tiff
5. sammy
6. madi
7. kami
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i know some people get really annoyed with these things, and if i tagged you, don't feel like you have to! but i would love it if you did :)

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