Thursday, September 27, 2012


there's days where i am happy with where i am. the days where alex and i go on adventures, and take pictures even if we look like bums. the days where we just admire the beauty of fall and except that crisp air, as it gets chillier. these are the days that i don't think about not being at home in utah, and the days where i don't think about making everyone else happy by stressing about a job and school 24/7. i may be 18 and need to accept responsibility, but i've NEVER been able to be a kid, and sometimes i need that. i know the things i need to do and i don't need to be reminded every day by every person in my life that i need to do more. i may not be the best kid in the world, but i'm me and right now, i'm completely content with that. so today, i admired the beauty of fall and i enjoyed every second of it.

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  1. I love the beautiful pictures you & Alex always take, they are flawless, and you guys pull off anything, bums or not.