Tuesday, September 25, 2012

i'm crazy

ya know, i don't think my body was made to go to school...
okay, let's be real here, cassidy, no one likes school. (talking in 3rd person, i'm going crazy)
but honestly, i have been reminded how much i really dislike school.
school = cassidy's personal hell.

okay, enough about school.
my life is so very interesting (notice the sarcasm)..
all i do is go to school, sleep, hang out with alex, look for jobs, go to some college on the weekend..
oh wait, i forgot the most important thing: cold case/ sons of anarchy.
if you don't watch those shows, you're doing it wrong.

like i said, my life is really interesting.
hopefully i'll get a job at office max, hobby lobby, costco, or one of the 100 other places i applied.
that would probably be the most interesting thing to happen to me.

i miss high school. yes, you heard correctly, and i will never admit that again.
i have to say, going to all these college parties and seeing people i went to school with when i lived here, makes me uncomfortable.. i don't know why. but honestly, that's the only thing to do on the weekends.
so bring on the awkward hugs with half the people from central that i highly disliked. (run on sentences are my forte).

but one good thing, i got this sick new jacket..

i'm kind of obsessed, but who cares.
but here is a song my best guy, garin, put on my wall, and it literally brought me to tears.

i miss home.

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