Tuesday, December 6, 2011


My weekend was pretty bomb, I'm not going to lie.

First I went to Megan Abel's bridal shower with Shalana, and it was the cutest ever! Like we all expected, and for all the bloggers that didn't go cuz they felt awkward about going, you MISSED out. She got dozens of panties (50 pairs, easily) and lots of other raunchy gifts, ha it was great. Had great food as well.

After, we went to London's surprise birthday party, and it was so good to see the other friends that I never see anymore! And we took a typical girl picture, of our boots.

Saturday, my mom had a bunch of people over, counting her boyfriend and his kid (I'll blog about the new boyfriend later), and two of my moms best friends and their kids.. It as hectic cuz I had to deal with the children, and helping them make cookies. It was fun though.

Later on that night, I went to the brunings house; which is always entertaining. Love all those girls.

Sunday I spent most of my day sleeping, as my sister took pictures of me. Later on, went creeping with janessa, and took my weekly visit to Walmart with grant.

I have to say, things are pretty good lately. And I'm really actually happy :)

Countdown to tonsils surgery: t minus less than 48 hours. I'm getting nervous, that's for sure.

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