Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New man?

Before you get your panties in a bundle, I'm not talking about for me- but for my mom! My mom literally never dates, she hasn't dated anyone in the past 3 years. Then he came along, here is the story:

My mom has some pretty cool friends, and one of her friends, Jacob, knew this guy named Ben that is also divorced, and has one 9 year old boy; named Corey. My mom agreed to go on a double date, and then another, and then another... And so on. She for once was into someone.

Ben is 5'11" and pretty built
He has tan skin and pretty white teeth
But most of all, he looks at my mom with a cute look in his eye, like he really cares.
He's a pilot, and plays the guitar in a little band. (how cute?)

This past weekend, I met his son Corey for the first time. And let me tell you, he is the cutest little boy ever. So polite, has style, and makes funny remarks! You know the little boy in Stuart Little, the little blonde with glasses? Yeah, his voice is identical to his! So cute! (picture in last post, red shirt)..

I can really see potential in my mom and Ben, they even made it Facebook official! (big deal, huh?) I just really hope it works out, even though I get really irritated when I wake up from my nap- in a sports bra, and can't walk around because he's here. But I guess I'll do that little step of putting on a shirt, so that my mom can be happy with him.

Maybe one say he'll be my step dad, but if he thinks he's getting into this family easy... He's got another one coming for him :) I'm not gonna make it easy at all. Call me cruel, I don't care, I need a little fun in it too!

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