Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So after the month long tonsil issue... I'm going to the surgeon tomorrow to schedule an appt. to get them out. IM DONE. every time I yawn, it hurts. Everything I laugh, it hurts. Every time I cry, it THROBS. When I go to try an sleep, oh you better believe it hurts. I have been in the doctors office, way too many times. You know you've been there too much when the nurses know you by first name.  

I know the recovery is gonna be rough, my good friend Sarah just got hers out; and said it was legit hell. And said I won't be able to speak. Okay, if you know me, you KNOW how much I talk and how much I rely on my voice. Yeah, not looking forward to that. Some people also said my voice is gonna change, I don't want that to happen either. 

The doctor like nailed a note in my head from how many times he said 'I'm not gonna lie to you, it's going to hurt' 'I had this and this surgery, and it didn't hurt as much as getting my tonsils out' 'you will be in a lot of pain'. My mom was giving him the death look like 'shut up! Don't make it worse!' hahaha but from all my knee surgeries and getting my appendix out, im used to pain. But something about my THROAT freaks me out. 

So if you know where I live, feel free to stop by after I get my surgery to keep me company or bring me treats! Ha I was talking to Sarah and I was like 'what can I eat?!?' an she goes ' I'll bring you what I ate every day!! This baby rice flake crap.. ' umm that does not sound appealing at all. Ill stick to popsicles. I'm gonna be out in recovery for up to 3 weeks! Gawl that's the last thing I needed. Well wish me luck with the surgeon tomorrow. 

Sayanora (or however you spell it) my pain in the ass tonsils! Done with you, and can't wait to see the back of my throat without tumor looking balls that choke me! 

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  1. So, I'll come visit you, ya? :) And funny story, I was gonna text you today...but I dont have your number. So, I kinda need it. Mmk I love you Cass!