Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Haaaaaapppppy birthday bff

To the best friend,
Known as tiffanie michele,
The most inspiring girl I've known,
The most giving person on this earth,
The most selfless.
Someone who smiles whether it's a good day or bad.
A bright happy girl you can see from across the school.
The person I share all my deepest secrets with,
And someone who I feel so blessed to keep hers.
Someone that I call up when I can't breathe, I'm crying so hard.
The person I've literally grown up with and am still amazed by.

This girl is known throughout the school, blogger world, def known by the boys for her beauty that every girl wishes they had. She's not known for doing the dirty over the weekend, shes known for being the girl who uplifts everyone, no matter who it is or what she has to do.

You may think 'how in the world are those 2 best friends? They are complete opposites, but really were not. In some ways yes, she has 246325 times the tolerance with people, and when I walk down the halls with what people call the 'death look' she walks with that smile. But you know what we share? We've been through, and have seen way too much for our age; and we know what it's like to pray to god that things will change, you know what else we share? People would never know that we've been through these struggles. And were okay with that!

This girl has continuously made me want to be a better person and live a more worthy life. No, she isn't one of those friends that drill you about the church or god, but by her actions, you can see she's a happier person from being worthy. She has every reason to say god has torchered her, but she looks at them as trials an blessings to make her grow as a person, and build her character. And let me tell you, this girl has a lot of character!

Tiff, you know I love you; and that my computer is broken, so you better believe I am doing the difficult task of doing this on my phone. It's a struggle, but I wanted everyone to know I'm the luckiest girl to have you as a best friend!

I hope you have had the best day ever, and it continues to be. Cuz if one person deserves it, it's you.

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  1. What do I even say to this!?!? Besides a big fat THANK YOU SO INCREDIBLY MUCH, I want you to know that you mean the world to me.
    I'm going to write more about it in the notebook, what this day has meant to me; but no matter how I try to explain it, no one will ever know. Thank you for helping my dad put all of this together.
    You went so out of your way, and as a result, my day couldn't have gotten any better. I love you so much.
    Thank you for being my best friend.
    Thank you for having my back and being permanently in my heart.
    You mean everything to me, and I can't wait for our continuous lifetime of friendship. That will never change. I know that will all my heart.
    Hugs and kisses, you're amazing. Thank you Cass!!!!!!