Tuesday, October 18, 2011

7 things

you probably don't care to hear.

1. i have had senioritis for about 3 years now, going on 4.
all of my close friends know how much i hate school and have to bust my butt at the end of the term. ARC is usually my second home, and i disappear right after school. that mostly started this year when i realized half of the people here didn't care about me, and to be honest; i don't care about them. the second i walk across that T with my cap and gown on, will be bittersweet. but i can't help but feel it will be more sweet for me.

2. i really do have an addiction to candy.
we've known this for quite some time, but i really don't know why i am so addicted to wanting candy all the time! i could have candy as my meal for every meal if i needed to, and i would be more satisfied then i am when i eat food. it's something i need to work on, i think. 30 days with no candy? this will be seriously considered.

3. my blog is a hassle.
i honestly have hated blogging lately, i don't know why, it feels more like a hassle than anything. i used to come on here to have a place where i could vent, but sometimes i feel like more serious stuff is going on; and not blog appropriate, and some people who i talk about may get offended. you're probably thinking "cassidy caring what she says?". yeah sometimes i do just not say anything at all, cuz it's just not worth the drama anymore.

4. i need another job.
i hated my last job, but when i got comfortable with having money, it was the best and worst thing that has happened to me. now i strive for money, with no income. i check my account on the daily waiting for my last check, that i feel like is never going to come. i need money on the daily, so maybe i need to cut down my spending, or just get another job and stop being lazy.

5. sadies is stressful sometimes.
every girls choice straight up stresses me out. i always feel like the whole planning is on my shoulders, but maybe i do that to myself. i'm not sure. i really am excited to go, sadies is always a favorite of mine, but i would rather just have the outfits done, place to eat, and day date already planned out for me. i vow to not be  in charge at preference time, we'll see how that goes.

6. michigan is coming up really soon.
i always get really nervous about this time of year, 68 days til i go back to all the memories and things i've wanted to forget for the past 2 years. i just am reminded 2 times a year what could have been, and honestly i'm grateful i'm not there anymore. my life would be a disaster and a half, i know that. but there are definitely some things i miss, i miss the crazy dances and everyone hanging out together on the weekend, and just feeling like i'm at home. hopefully this trip is drama free, but with half the bitches that live there; it probably wont happen. amen.

7. i miss last year.
i still had all the important people in my life (well most of them). everything just felt so much better than this year does. my boy went here, i still had my best friend, and ALL my friends were still here. i miss the football games riding in smoot's car, i miss waking up to smoot there and falling asleep talking to her, i miss going to and leaving school with grant, i miss ceramics talks and picture taking, i miss going to basketball games with VIP, i miss "the senior girls", i miss spring break with my sky, i miss our road trips, i miss it all. if i could relive a year, i would probably choose last year even though it was really crappy as well as great; i guess the great outweighed the bad for me.


  1. really, number 2. people think it's that you just REALLY like candy. um no, it's definitely an addiction.

    story of my life.