Tuesday, August 2, 2011

you don't need to tell me..

i know i have been the worst blogger on the face of the earth; but this week was very important. because...

here are some snap shots of one of the most amazing weeks in awhile. 
even though this picture reminds me of someone, i don't care.
edward sharpe!
i really killed it in pictures.
two favorite things in the whole world; alex and puppies!

4 wheels for life! we're functional.
gettin' it.
it has a meaning, but not blog appropriate.
my best friend.
got so drunk! (not really, it's mocking people, even though i make a good model)

made a brooke cut out and protected her with my life!
i'm gonna miss my first missionary friend :(
photobooth is always necessary.
some more edward sharpe
ha, say hi and bye alex!

it's so sad that this week is gone, it has been one of the most fun weeks this whole summer. it reminded me of who really is important that i just let slip by; i'm gonna probably go into a sad coma once alex really leaves me, it's gonna be rough. but i gotta say, we did tear some ish up! UTAH TRIP 2011, holla!

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