Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tiffanie Michele Allen

<< -- I would like you to meet this girl:
Tiffanie Michele Allen aka Cassidy Amy VanSolkema's best friend.

today hasn't been the best day in the whole world (details later).. then all of a sudden my grandma came in and said that i had mail. a little confused, hence the fact that i never get mail; i glanced up, and instantly i could tell who it was from; from all the colors and writings on the back, it could only be one person. tiff. things started clicking.

let me back up a little, randomly the other day, tiff texted me asking for my address; i asked why and she said she found her little address book and i wasn't in there (she lied, but i forgive her).

back to the story; i opened the letter slowly trying not to mess up the envelope and this is what it said on the inside:

"cassidy amy- where to start? i want to say thank you. i can't tell you how glad i am that we've gotten close again, lately. no matter what point i've been at in my life, you've always been on of my best friends; and right now, you are my very best friend. thank you for constantly being there for be on the daily. through the day. thank you for letting me tell you all of my secrets; i seriously can't think of one secret that i haven't told you. you're the girl that everyone always trusts because of how real you are with people. thanks for being reliable. i'm so blessed to know that if i'm ever having a bad day and need someone to talk to, that you'd always be over in 3 minutes to make it all better. on my roughest days, thank you for letting me come sleep in your bed when i'm too sad and hurt to sleep alone. thanks for encouraging me not to quit my job. thanks for having my back when people spread ridiculous rumors about me. thanks for being a good listener, and for giving me the best, most realistic and logical advice. you're the strength that i turn to when my tank is running on empty. you seriously know me so well. i will never find another person like you. lately i've just really realized how much you do mean to me; and i don't want you to go another day without knowing that i love you so much. cass, i'd do anything for you. i'd die for you in a second. please know, that if you're ever having a dark day, that i'm gonna be here for you, with a big root beer. you're the most beautiful person i've ever met; and i take you for granted all too often. thank for you being my angel on earth, cass. i love you to the moon and back. love, tiffanie michele."

now let me give you a little history; tiff and i met when we were placed in the same spanish immersion class together. and let me tell you, we were double trouble, all the time! we were constantly doing something we weren't supposed to, and we had a friendship like none other. we indeed had other trouble makers with us, but none ever compared to me and tiff's friendship. one memory that i have from first grade that has always stuck with me was this; we were having our weekly spanish spelling. tiff sat to the right of me. as senora revuelta would say the word, i would try to spell it, and usually i was really good with my spelling. and for whatever reason, i was really struggling with this lesson, and i gave up and put my head down. tiff whispered into my ear "come on, i'll help you". i don't know why, but that has ALWAYS stuck with me, because that is how our friendship has always been, us helping each other when we struggle most. at the moment as a first grader, that was a big deal to me; and tiff wanted to risk getting caught cheating to help me pass my spelling.

the picture quality sucks, but that's us in first grade.

in your life, you come across true friends, people that you can get through anything and everything, when they are by your side. that is what tiff is to me, i don't just think about tiff when i need advice, like most girls do. i look to tiff everyday, because when something is going on; i want to tell her, i want her part of it; part of my growth. i'm sick of watching girls walk all over her, and think she is always going to be there, just cuz "it's tiff".. she is so so so much more then that, she in someone who inspires me on the daily, makes me realize that there is still hope for genuine people out there. people who really care, and don't just say that they care. i'm blessed to know tiff, and to be able to call her my best friend. thank you for all you've done tiffy, i could never thank you enough. i can always count on you to make my day better when it is really crappy, and feels like it could never get better.

i love you tiff!


  1. Am I bawling? You know it. You mean more than the air I breathe to me. I love you so much, and thank you so much for your words, and for who you are; you make me who I am, and I don't know what I'd do or who I'd be without you. You get me, and hardly anyone else does. I adore you. Thank you Cass. Seriously.

  2. I love that story part. seriously, made me cry like a baby. You know I'll ALWAYS be here to help you; no matter what. NO MATTER what happens. I LOVE You.