Monday, August 15, 2011

an update

an update on the ramblings post.. it was most definitely too good to be true. it just will NEVER be the same between us, and i guess i'm okay with that. we've both changed, and i most definitely do not agree with the lifestyle she chooses, and so on. but i will always love my old best friend of 8 years, no matter what comes between us. she will always be one of the only people in my life that continuously stuck by my side when i didn't think i could go on any longer. but sometimes, people have different agendas. and we can't control on where and who they want in their life, and sometimes that means were not part of it. yes, it is true; i am the one who shut her out of my life, but we don't need to expand on this concept any longer. but i just thought i should throw out an update.

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