Saturday, July 16, 2011

day six- five people who mean alot.

okay, challenge.. i have many more then 5 people that are important to me, but i will touch on a few.

mckenzie smoot- my sister, lived together for about a month and a half, and a girl i have talked about countless times on here. whenever anything drastic happens, i want to call her. same with brooke (below) i wub my tootie.

alex missad- the girl gets me, and i cannot wait to see her in 10 days; gonna be a challenge showing her ALL of the good things in utah, but i am for surely going to try! one thing to say; pinecone swag, trololol.

brooke beuschel- my all time best friends, forever and always. always there for me, through it all. never will change, also one of the strongest girls i know! she is my strength.

grant misbach- obvious reasons, keeps me laughing on the daily, and he never fails at it. he has got to be one of the best of friends i have ever had, but he's so much more then that. love you gwant the og misbach.

tiffanie allen- my sister since i was in 1st grade, lots of ups and downs, but it's okay. she is strong and a motivator for sure. got lots of love for this girl, and i'm glad we've been getting closer.

i feel like i continuously talk about the same people, but ya know.. they've made a difference.

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  1. Love you. And I'm stoked to meet Alex. And Brooke is a babe. And Kenzie is adorable. and I saw Grant driving his scooter today, for sure.