Friday, July 15, 2011

day five- six things you wish you'd never done.

i am one person to say to never regret things in life, because i do believe that everything does happen for a reason and shapes us into who we are today, but i have to be real; there are some things that i wish would have never happened, maybe if it wasn't something i did all on my own, but just situations in general.

1. i wish i would have never came out and talked about my deepest darkest secret to anyone, ever. it made things spin out of control, and i wish i would have just kept it to myself like i did for a long time.
2. i wish that i wouldn't of drifted from people that were so important in my life, people that always had my back. even though she lives in a different state then me, i wish i wouldn't have gotten so upset; and just gotten over things easier (i told you, i hold grudges.. it sucks).
3. i wish i never would have written that letter.
4. i wish i could take back all the words we've exchanged, because now; they mean nothing.
5. i wish i would have said more then ditto, to my uncle when he said "i love you munchkin, and never forget it".
6. i wish i never said goodbye to some of the people i did say bye to.

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  1. It's not bye it's see you later! SEE YOU SOON LOVE