Monday, May 30, 2011

i give up.

so i decided that i give up on my 40 day challenge.. if i decide i want to post about them, then i will.

i guess i'm just not good with commitment. shooockkeeer.

well, 1 day 'til i'm done with school (for the summer).
3 days 'til i say sayanora to the seniors.
5 (well basically 4) days 'til michigan.
16 days 'til natasha bendingfield concert.
18 days 'til kate kate stays with me.

it's time to get reckless!


  1. hah, yeah i struggle at these challenge things. no worries.
    cass, can we play this summer?! we better!
    love youu:)

  2. seriously. i think we all give up on these eventually.