Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 10

Day 10: Write a letter to your loved one (ex. crush, boyfriend etc.)

so i decided to write a letter to the following: my current boy, my crush, and the ex. so hereee we go!

Grant Harrison Misbach

wow, ha. i have never really wrote about you on here, i guess i intended posts about you but i have never directly written to you. this is how our story goes; at the beginning of the school year i was at smoot's house when a facebook chat popped up. it was from grant (of course, he talked to all the girls; and still does! ha jk...not really) and we were just talking and then we decided we should hang out, so i gave him MY number, but to this day he is determined i gave him a fake number, but i didn't. he is just retarded at putting numbers in his phone, apparently. anyways, so he showed up with some boys at smoots, and blah blah blah the middle doesn't matter, and that night, we all hung out on smoots tramp (aj, me, smoot, grant, bryan, and the moffit twins). at first it was aj who i had a crush on, and grant was just the kid i would go to to talk about aj. then everything changed, around homecoming time (aj was my date) me and grant started talking more, and i guess i didn't realize that i had a crush on him. until the day of homecoming; it was a slow dance song, and usually you always dance with your date, but grant walked up to me and was like "will you dance with me?", it really was the cutest thing ever. that night, we went to shalana's house for the after hang out, and he asked me to go with him to take kelli home, so i did. i forgot to add that i was deathly ill on homecoming, it was rough. well the next week after homecoming, i was at home; basically dying (ha not really, but i was super sick), and everyday grant would come and see me, just to talk to me. after that week we finally told each other we liked each other on September 28, 2010. and i'm not exaggerating when i say we have been basically together ever since, yeah we've had some REAL up and downs, but we always end up back to each other. grant has been the best of friend to me this entire school year, he is the most caring kid i have ever met in my life. not to add, he neveeeeer fails to make me laugh, and usually it's when he's trying to be serious. i honestly am not more comfortable around any other guy here, then him. gone to 3 dances together, and they were the most fun dances ever! we've had countless good times, and i wouldn't trade it for anything. he will be graduating in a little over a week, and it's weird! i don't know what it will be like at school without him next year.. well, i just want to say, thanks grant. you really have changed me to be a better person, and you have helped me grow so much this year, it's unreal. i know we've had some real tough times, but i feel like it's always been worth it in the end, thanks for putting up with all my crap; and realizing people make mistakes. i love you grant, and you'll always have a special place. now, let's teaaaaar up this summer :)

now, to my crush.

Justin Beiber

i love you, i will marry you.. and when i watch your movie, i cry my eyes out; i want to be the girl that you seranade in the "one less lonely girl" part. i will be your wife. thank you. i would like it if you would erase selena out of your life completely, before i have to.

to the ex
thank you for teaching me how to love unconditionally and realize what true love is, i will forever be thankful for that.

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  1. YEAH BRO! i'm a real fan of this post & everything on it.