Monday, April 18, 2011


i sit here and try to find a way to put it into words, but i just can't. so hear goes an earful.

i honestly was over it, i felt like i was.. then this rush of uncertainty comes over me, like when a wave crashes you into the sand. that's kind of what love is like.. you are perfectly fine, playing in the water.. and then BAM! you're on your back, not knowing what hit you. but obviously you do know what hit you, the obvious wave. but the feeling, the feeling is what is the mystery. why did it hurt but feel so refreshing at the same time? it doesn't make sense.

that's exactly what love is like.. you're just having fun with this guy, thinking nothing huge will come out of it, then all of a sudden, you are feeling pain and greatness all at once. almost like there is this force field around you and this boy, nothing can touch you. but it always ends up in confusion. one minute you are smiling from ear to ear, then the next you are chocking on your tears.

i want to believe that i can overcome this love, i do. i have been dealing with it for almost 2 years now. i'm not trying to mix up things, i want my life to be as simple as possible. but with you in it, it's the opposite, but at the same time, just that. simple, but complex. ha what did i tell you about the confusion.

just go away, while we still can have this whole thing nipped in the butt. we we're doing SO well, so let's keep it up.

but at the same time, i don't want you to go away, at all. it's the only real thing i've ever felt in my whole life.
but i guess, you want to feel something more; so you can have it.. cuz i just can't do this anymore.

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  1. cass:(
    honestly? this explains JUST what i'm feeling. you and i, i think we get it.