Monday, April 25, 2011

kate kate!

Katherine Elaine Spitters
kate kate spitters
k honestly, where to start with this girl... we met when she was in 5th grade and i was in 6th, funny thing is; we met through her older sister who was my age. kate and i have always been SO much alike. it's unreal. ever since we met we have been best friends. i know that no matter what she is doing, and i was having a hard time; she would be there for me in an instant, easily. when we were little we would make dances to like milkshake and stuff, ha that's when we found out molly (her older sister) could really shake it :) molly has always been the good girl, and kate... not so much! hahahah maybe that's why we get along so well. we always have the same mind set, and we always seem to make the same mistakes ha! i feel like this girl is my little sister, but twin at the same time. i would literally do anything for this girl, when people talk bad about her (the little that they do) i honestly flip out! i have always been so protective over her. when i was in 7th grade, her family moved away to california from michigan; i was literally devastated. i will never forget that the day that she was moving, my mom wouldn't let me go visit her at the 5/6 building.. and i bawled my eyes out. and i didn't get to see her for 2 and a half more years, but that didn't stop me and kate's friendship. we stayed as tight as ever. i remember when my friend maggie got to go out and see molly, i was soooooo jealous cuz i wanted to go out too! i missed my kate and molly. but i got lucky last year, and maggie and i went and stayed with them for spring break. it was molly and maggie, then me and kate! hahahah like always! we did some real crazy stuff while i was there, shoooocker.. and our friendships grew so much. (i posted about last spring break earlier).. but on a serious note, kate has ALWAYS been there for me! always. she has been there for me through ALL of my hard times since 6th grade; and that's when it really started. me and kate have lived apart for most of our friendship, but that has neeeever effected us. ever. i really don't think there is another person in this world that is more like me, and i'm not kidding. we have the same taste in guys (bad boys), we like all the same stuff. all in all, kate has been someone that i can't imagine my life without. i love you kate kate more then you will ever know!

if we don't get our naps, you better watch out.

friends by heart, sisters by soul
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