Tuesday, April 26, 2011

it'll be bomb.

perfect prom dress? check.
perfect prom shoes? check.
perfect corsage and boutonniere? check
perfect tux, vest, shirt, tie? check.
perfect date? eeeh he works on it ;) ha just joshin'. check.
with all my favorite people? check.
going to be a perfect night? check check check.


  1. with all your favorite people as in mckenzie smoot? check. i know that is the thing you are msot excited about. ahhh yes, i can really not wait any longer. saturday, just come already please? thanks. yayayaa cass. sooo pumped. i love you. soooo much.

  2. sooo excited to see you looking GORGEOUS cass, and we'll PARTY at the dance!!! ahh kenz, so excited to see you too there!! oh my heck, im all around just getting SO excited!!!! (: (: (: