Tuesday, April 26, 2011

days like these..

yes this might sound a lot like tiff's post, if you read her blog.. but hear me out...  it's day like these that make you realize, that people are so selfish. people just walk around like they don't see that person struggling, crying, sad.. or just having an off day. what about that person you see on the side of the road, with their hazard lights on? were they just ghosts? nooo, people just get all wrapped up in THEIR destination, and THEIR life.. nobody else's. just theirs. yeah, maybe it's human nature.. but i'm so sick of it. stop talking about people! i'm not saying i'm perfect and i never do these things, but i'm just down right sick of it. people need to grow up, seriously grow up. not just "oh i'll have your back" literally be there rubbing their back when they're throwing up, and grabbing their hair when she's throwing up on it, being there at a teen mom's baby appointment when she has no support, sitting there listening to them vent about maybe what seems the dumbest thing to you but is like the end of the world to them, answering the phone at 3 in the morning cuz they can't sleep, going to their parents funeral when their supporter was just taken from them. none of this, oh my gosh! that happened to them, i'm gonna pretend like i'm a good person and say i'll be there. that means NOTHING. yeah it's heartwarming, but do you think that's going to stick with them? hello! actions speak sooooooo much louder then words.

today my friend was struggling, and it made me realize in so many different ways, that life is SO short; you need to grab those genuine friends and hold on tight, cuz this life is a loooopy rollercoaster, and you never know when you are going to be thrown off balance, and it's THOSE people that you know will catch you when you are hurting.

ever since i was little i've felt like i was the kind of girl that would always play with the outcasts or people that didn't have a lot of friends on the playground. i always felt so heart hurt when i would see someone crying alone, cuz many times; i've been that kid. helpless. don't get me wrong, god has blessed me with many many great friends a long the way. and i will forever be greatful, but i challenge all you readers (as many as there are) to freakin' just step back, and stop looking at your little flaws in the mirror, and really really look at people. try to see when someone is in need, cuz sometimes; you just never know when they're going to be gone.

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  1. love this, a lot. love you. you said it well cass!