Tuesday, April 26, 2011

brookieee poo

brooke mary beuschel
brooke, my bitch.. hah
brooke and i's story is a little complicated, so bare with me; please, cuz i promise.. it's a good story. so, i was friends with her friend marri, i don't rally wanna get into how we became friends.. anyways, so we both ran track and it was the conference meet. anyways, my best guy friend cameron (i'll talk about him on another day) was with me as well. well, brooke thought he was attractive, and they started talking; and she came to me with advice cuz he was dating one of my best friends at the time.. was i playing with fire? sure, do i care? no. anyways.. so, they started talking a lot. he and the guy i was like crazy about played on a baseball team together, so we met up there and hung out. we've literally been best friends ever since. that was summer before 8th grade.. her and cameron started dating on 7/11/07 (if you think it's creep status that i know that, it's okay.. it was my anniversary too for a bit...bit) and they have been together ever since, well with like one break up for 3 months.. call me match maker, i guess. i would like to say i'm their relationships personal counselor, it's fine. i literally know everything about their relationship.. wanna know all the presents they've gotten each other? i could tell ya. k enough of my creepyness. back to brooke. we are literally the craziest people when we are together, i'm not kidding you. but when we have to be serious and be there for each other, you better believe it happens. i can't tell you how many locked texts i've had from her over the time, she is the perfect person to uplift you in a bad moment.. i honestly have never met anyone that makes me laugh harder then her; we have the exact same humor.. and i love it. she never takes me seriously when i'm being sarcastic, and that rarely happens. it's great, and the best part is; she throws it right back at me. yeah when i do a certain something i always text her, i'm not gonna tell you what it is; but it's weird. you would have to be pretttty close friends to do that! hahahah brooke, you know exactly what i'm talking about. (other kids, get your mind out of the gutter if you are thinking it's dirty).. some good times: thrusting on the bed to whose got what it takes to be my guy, what it takes to make me shine.. your first time ya know (picture below), going to baseball games, you packing your whole life just to come over for like a night.. going to every football game basically together, "i sleep good when i drool", nana saying shit shit shit, late night talks, talking on the phone when one of us is being a dumb ass, "brooke don't let me eat...." 5 minutes later "brooke, go get me the chips.. just a little snack".. while i eat the whole bag of jelly beans, steak and shake... hahahhahhaha, the bowling alley that is now closed :(, DBOYZ FOR LIFE! number one fans for sure.. and soooo sooo soo many more. i wish i could write down all the funny texts we've exchanged and such. most recent one "f*ck your sh*t", i literally died. brooke, you are one of the people i know that would be at my funeral yelling at me saying "why the eff did you leave me here?!" i know you genuinely care about me, and you are literally one of the only people i keep in touch with from michigan. we at least talk once a week, usually more if one of us is having a bad week. i feel like we've gone through the most together in the past 4 years, both of us together; while one of us was going through a hard time, we were helping each other, which i think helped me be distracted from my hard times, and realize some of them weren't so bad. i know that no matter what i tell you, you won't tell a SOUL.. i would trust you with my life.. even though sometimes you're a little stupid. you know what i miss the most? the funny freakin' videos you would basically send me everyday! they we're like the best thing of my life.. start singing... "shit i don't remember the words!" hahahahahahahh you kill me! brooke mary, i'm so glad i have you in my life; i thank god everyday for giving me a best friend like you, i'm not kidding. you have helped me grow so much as a person, it's unreaaal. i can't thank you enough. thank you for making me realize i deserve so much better in life then what i give myself, thank you for snapping me back into reality a million and one times, thank you for never judging my decisions, thank you for always sticking by my side, thank you for trusting my advice, thank you for being basically my personal secret portal, thank you for all the times i almost peed my pants from laughing, thank you for all the retched farts you would let go ahahahahha (don't kill me), thank you for always defending me to dumb bitches, but as gay as it sounds; thanks soooooo much for being you! all my friends here want to meet you, and they are dying for that day. i love you brookie, and we will always be best friends; i have no doubt in my mind about it.

the first baseball game :)

top one, first homecoming.. second one, second homecoming.. tradish!

first homecoming!

CBS <3

one of the funnest nights of my life..

football game of course..

always torchering me.. even though i always beat you up

at cam's game of course.. jv football

last day i got to see you before i moved :(

going to the basketball game, wiff melanie of course!


first time hahahahah!

brooke mary, i love yooooou!

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