Monday, January 13, 2014


so i turned 20. i still haven't figured out when to use cold water or hot water when i do wash, i have no idea how to register a car on my own, i still have to call my parents to help me when i fill out my W2, and i still sleep with my blanket, cuppy and thumper. but isn't that part of GROWING up, you slowly learn to do the petty things on your own, and you become a big bad adult; can't say i love paying bills, having to do taxes, OR having to insure my car.. but something i have learned is that my life has been a complete roller coaster. before my 20th birthday, i was talking to my mom on the phone- now let's back up.. my whole life we would constantly talk about when i would turn 20, because she would be 40; and i don't know, i thought it was cool.. so anyways, i was talking to my mom on the phone and the conversation went as follows:
mom: can you believe we've made it 20 years?
me: yeah somehow..
mom: *laughs* yeah somehow.

if you know my mom, my life, and i at all; you know how valid that "somehow" is.. my life has been crazy, and sometimes too much to handle, but these past 20 years have taught me more then some 30 year olds. life is crazy, and it's not always my favorite, but it's MINE. so welcome my 20th year of life, i can just imagine what you have in store for me.