Monday, January 21, 2013

cooped up

>>> i know i promised i would get better at blogging, and really i've had the time to blog; but i just haven't been feeling it lately, i know all bloggers go through that. i'll call it the blogger topic block..

>>> ya know, i thought after surgery (knee surgery, cassidy not being able to walk- look out!) it would just be a relaxing time to knit and watch tv, and it was/is.. the only thing bad about it... it's made a dent on my bank account! which may seem weird, but when you find sites online with things you just HAVE to have.. can ya blame a girl?

>>> kay, i know.. they seem like pointless items, but to me.. they're just what i needed to cheer this cripple up!
maybe in the near future i'll have something interesting to blog about... but i did do some changes around here! i hope you like them.
but i have to ask:


  1. and also, has a used book section, and i get books for like $1.00! and i buy at least one a week.