Friday, July 27, 2012

2:39 AM rambles

The little things matter.
Make timelines of all the moments that meant the most to you.
Watch your favorite movie every night before you go to bed.
Sleep with tons of pillows an blankets.
Lay in the sun until your skin is tight.
Eat as much candy as you possibly can.
Mend friendships.
Forget the past, it only makes the presence less enjoyable.
Buy things you want but don't necessarily need, once in awhile.
Drive alone and blast sad music.
Paint your nails happy colors.
Wash all your day off in a long bath.
Read every book you can get your hands on.
Cuddle with your little siblings and mommy.
Always wear a smile.
Fall in love with your best friend and never let them go.
Go on adventures, daily.
Work hard then play hard.
Make lists of goals and complete them.
Become worthy and stay that way.
Tie dye everything you possibly can.
Own a song when your favorite rapper comes on.
Snuggle up in your boys hoodie and smell it all night long.
Ride on scooters and let the wind take your hair.
Wear cute underwear, always. Not for anyone else, but yourself.
At the end of the day, remind yourself of all the good and not the bad.
Have hope and faith that everything will work out the way you want it to.
Keep bitterness out of your heart.
Forget the drama, and go with the flow.
Don't make all your plans, because the best things come unexpectedly.
Kiss, hard.
Let your problems go like helium balloons.
Have best friends you can laugh, confide in, pee with, and cry with.
Be as close and honest with your family as you can.
Support all your loved ones in whatever decisions they make.
Be someone's light at the end of the tunnel.
Do service, whenever you can (Ecuador here I come).
Believe in magic.
Be the best person to be and the best example possible.
Stick your ground in the things you believe in.
Say sorry for the things you do wrong, and mean it.
Say I love you to your family as much as possible.
When you feel like you can't cry anymore, keep crying, feel what you need to feel.
Be emotional, not dramatic.
Take risks, even if you look stupid in the making of it.
Always strive to be a better you.
Find songs and quotes that relate exactly to your life.
Thank everyone that has impacted your life.
And when days get hard, remind yourself that you are enough, and someday it's all going to make sense.


  1. This.Is.So.Awesome.
    Start making it into a journal for your daughter (: