Thursday, January 19, 2012

This moment

(insert the cliche apology for the lack of bogging, here)

I feel like everyone is looking towards that next step, whether it's what you're wearing to school tomorrow, all the way to who you think you're gonna marry.

Today on Facebook I saw people talking about how valentines day is next. Well actually January 20, 2012 is next, but you're too wrapped up into the next 'big' thing. Aka valentines.

I think recently I realized how people can't just chill and ride out time, people were asking boys to preference the day before bargain ball even happened! Like seriously, stop trying to make the year go faster, and enjoy where we're at right NOW.

Don't get me wrong, I'm waiting for that day that that diploma is in my hands and I can tell timp how much I won't miss it and I can look at a lot of the judgmental people and say SEEYA FOREVER, I'm ready for that. But today I was talking to my counselor and he said
'wow cass, you're getting so close to graduation.. only 17 weeks left; and you're done, just gotta finish these packets'.
I felt very accomplished, because last year he was talking to me about how on the rate I was going, I wasn't going to graduate. The attendance ladies know me by name, and expect me in a seat at Flex ARC about everyday, they even ask me about grant and how he's doing (he and I were always in ARC together).

I've gone off beside the point (are we surprised?). But my point is, is people need to just start enjoying the moment right now and stop looking forward towards the next big event. I am guilty in this a lot of the time, I'm a person that really likes to know what's coming next for me, but I really am trying to enjoy the moment and not worry so much.

So I'm looking forward to January 20th and all it can bring me, and I hope you'll decide to do the same thing.

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