Thursday, September 1, 2011

wow, i suck? yes.

it has been quite awhile since i blogged, but i promise there are reasons, which i will get to. but i wanted to apologize to you guys first. sorrry!

anyways, a lot of things have been going on; 
1. i got a job. finally!
2. lots and lots of school work.
3. lots and lots of time with friends.

1. i got a job at response marketing, yes with the rest of timpanogos high school. but the difference is, is i work down at the Provo one with granty by my side! we work the same shift, which can get annoying cuz he just loves to lower my chair, little kid! yeah it get's old making calls after calls, then getting cussed out. but it's money, and pretty good money for just starting. so we will see where that goes!

2. it takes everyone time to get back into the school routine, most people.. it only takes about a week; but for me, it takes about.... 3 months. ha okay, that's exaggerating.. but it does take me a long time. i don't like getting ready, but i have been making myself! but today it took everything i had to not dress in sweats, but i can do this! 

3. been spending a lot of times with my friends, which is always good! it's nice to hang out with people other then my blog! hah the seniors have been having a lot of fun, more fun then any of us thought we would have. but it def. has been good, and i hope that senior year keeps treating me this well!
first day!

senior picnic!

our friends :) plus some strags! hah

there's not a lot of time to take pictures when you're having fun, as gay as it sounds!

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