Wednesday, August 17, 2011

oh aichhh no..

the infamous school post ( i really typed pist, but i mean; i guess that just shows my true feelings towards this subject).

anyone that knows me, knows that i really never go to school. i mean, don't get me wrong i go enough; but anytime i can get out of it, i do. the sound of the first bell (which i rarely hear cuz i'm always late), reaching in my binder to find my homework so i can hurry and finish it, sitting and listening to hours of pointless stuff i will never use again, getting yelled at for talking when someone else talks, getting your phone taken away, getting very angry when i can't find my favorite pen to doodle with, sitting through ridiculously long classes, and last but not least the ARC sessions that i seem to live at. yeah, my life.

i'm not the kind of girl that get's eager to go to the first couple days to see how it's going to be, i would rather never step back into those halls of timpanogos high school, and sleep til 12 or later everyday. call me lazy, i already know it. i don't enjoy waking up when it's still dark out just so i can get ready to go sit in a chair for 6 hours. i tend to go to school with wet hair and sweats on most of the year (this year i am making a rule that i can only wear sweats once a week, we'll see how that goes.. see guys, i'm trying!)..

this is basically how i feel about 95% of my friends leaving me at timp, cuz they graduated last year. i want to be like everyone else going into their senior year with the attitude of "OH MY GOSH, THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE OFF THE HOOK, SO MUCH FUN!!!" but i can't seem to find that in me, because i wont be going to school with half of my best friends anymore. i really think i was born to never go to school and just have summer all year round, with laying out and just playing all night and day.. i'm not going to lie, i'm worried. i'm worried i wont get asked to my senior homecoming and prom, i'm worried that i won't have an obvious plan that i will be with the same girls for the girls choices dances, i'm worried that i wont finish my packets (i only have 10, no stress; compared to my friends last year).. i'm just all around worried. we start school in 6 freaking days, and i haven't finished school clothes shopping, or school supplies (that's my only favorite thing about going back to school), and if not going to sleep til 5 am is going to be in my routine like it has been all summer.. i'm going to be done for.

there's my schedule, yes as a senior i have a full schedule and semi hard classes; unlike a lot of my other friends that barely will be going to school and have basically all electives. it's safe to say, cassidy amy vansolkema is NOT looking forward to going back to school. and i honestly feel like i haven't dreaded going back SO much, and i should be totally excited hence the fact it's my senior year. but i guess we'll see what happens, and maybe it wont be as bad as i feel like it's going to be. let's hear it for class of 2012.

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