Saturday, July 23, 2011

st. gizzle

this weekend my mother, sister, grant and i went to saint george, for my sisters birthday. the plan was to leave at the break of dawn (wasn't too happy about that, i don't do well in the mornings), drive to st. george, swim all day, then go to "the little mermaid" at the theatre in the red rocks. i wasn't too thrilled about the little mermaid at first, but honestly; it was SOOO amazing. we swam for a couple hours and then grant and i fell asleep for awhile, and then we got ready for the play. we went to this nasty food place, but it didn't matter because they had cheesecake :) after that we went to the theatre, and we were about 2 hours early ha. they had like a preshow thing, and my sister was picked to go be a pirate, cutest thing ever! they had the cutest shop that we looked in for awhile, and then the show was about to start. we went and seated in our seats and waited for the show to start. the show was AMAZING, and so worth all of the driving and money. i don't know how i can really explain it, but they like have water flowing down in a line and then project water looking stuff on it, and fishies.. and to make it look like swimming, they rolled around on wheels on their heels, and they evern had a waterfall flowing water onto the stage.. i can't really give it justice, but it was amazing. after being at the theatre from 6:45 pm til midnight, we went home and fell asleep. had breakfast this morning, and went swimming for a little bit. we left the hotel and decided to go to ephraim to take grant to my favorite candy place of all time, we got lots and lots of candy, ate pizza and headed home. honestly, this trip may have been short, but it was so fun and so worth it.

so if you ever find yourself in st. george, look up what's going on at the tuacahn theatre :)

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  1. thanks a lot, now I want cheesecake and candy. sounds so fun (: