Monday, July 25, 2011

scootering disaster..

so like any other usual summer night, we all decided to go cruise the canyon super late.. me being on the only scooter and cierra sitting on the longboard, i knew it was going to be a struggle. when we started up at vivians, me and cierra (of course) got left in the dust.. it's chill, they left us cuz we wanted a freaking flash light, we honestly couldn't see anything! so struggling with holding cierra's phone in her hand while pushing and steering with her hands, i decided to prop it in my womanly... alright, my cleavage. so it would fall every once in awhile, and i would have to fix it; cierra and i would have to come to a complete stop. it was truly the biggest struggle.. well at one point, people banged on some metal thing and scared us, and i dropped her phone/flashlight, and trying to get it without falling off, and of course; i biff it bad! roll into the rocks, and slice open my hand and scrape up my knee. i went home and cleaned it up, and woke up this morning with the hand throbbing. me and my grandma discovered some rocks in the cut and all in my hand, that i didn't see the night before. then my mom said i had to go to the ER, so i went.. they freaking scrubbed it all out (about made me bawl my eyes out) and they said to just watch it. they wanted to do xrays cuz my wrist hurts, but i told them it was fine; i was not about to get a cast. anyways! there was my scootering disaster!

holla for purple bandages :) JB all day!


  1. HEADLAMPS!! Thats whats goin down next time! I'm sorrrry they scrubbed it:( ah thats good though now it wont get infected. Loove you.

  2. hahahaha. i love you and your clumsiness.

  3. oh my heck Cass. can't wait to see it in person.
    You and me, gettin beat up this week. what is this..