Monday, July 25, 2011

first kisses

i have had my share of first kisses, i would like to say they all have been romantic, but they haven't. i've had my picture perfect kisses, my "what the hell is going on" kisses, and i've had some "i'm basically getting lip raped" kisses. i'll touch on a few, ones to look forward to, and ones we both hope, you never encounter.

my actual FIRST kiss was a little rough and i was of the young age of 12 (k guys don't judge me, michigan is a lot different then utah).. we had gone to "the haunt" for one of our close friends birthdays, we were riding home in the hummer limo, holding hands. my legs were shaking, and he kept asking "right now? can we now" over and over and over again. i kept stating "no not yet, when we get to my house". we pulled up to my house and it was the moment everyone was waiting for, i gave him a peck and basically ran out of the limo. you're probably thinking "wait, that's it? that's how your first kiss happened?" yes, it indeedly happened that way. it wasn't special even in the slightest, it just kind of happened.

my second first kiss was with my first "serious" boyfriend in 8th grade. we had been dating for about a month and we hadn't kissed once, we had spent the whole day playing around outside, and roaming the neighborhood, like we always did.. and we were ending the night with watching a movie. these were the days where i still had to have people pick me up to go home at about 11:30 pm, rough life. anyways, my nana was upstairs talking to my friend allie's mom, and i was disappointed as i walked up the stairs, cuz i really wanted that kiss to happen. i was walking up with my friend taylor when i said "i'm not leaving til i kiss him!", so i ran down the stairs and turned to run down the hall where i saw him straight ahead by the slider. i went and jumped on him and hugged him, and pulled back and gave him a kiss; then i left. see this kiss was a little better, and i felt more with this one; and for once in my life, i took control of the kissing situation.

the next first kiss i had, was not a kiss at all. it was a mouth rape, yes.. i know, tragic. i had the biggest crush on this kid from the 6th grade onto this very night, he was a year older then me. it was a summer night summer going into my freshman year. my best friend and i had gone over to this kids house, and we thought we were really cool cuz we were hanging out with the "older" kids. the night went on and then my best friend and the other 2 boys went upstairs to get a "drink" and left me and the mouth rape artist downstairs. he then grabbed my face and shoved his tongue down my throat. the whole time in my mind i was thinking "oh my god oh my god, OH MY GOD! get outta this situation NOW cassidy amy, ew his mouth tastes disgusting. ew ew, don't hit my teeth with your teeth, by the way your breath tastes, who knows when the last time you brushed your teeth was!". i ended the night regretting even going over to the kids house, and if i could take any kiss back; it would be that one. i haven't even thought the kid was even semi attractive since. is it just me, but if someone is a bad kisser, you just aren't attracted to them? am i right?

this next kiss, was by far my favorite first kiss ever.. and i really wish it wasn't. believe me, and faithful readers, i'm sure you can guess who it was. anyways, it was my freshman homecoming. i had gone to the dance with my best guy friend in the entire world, and the guy i liked went with a girl i absolutely did not like. anyways, we had promised earlier that day that we would find each other during the dance and at least dance a little. i got to the dance, and started making my rounds to see dresses and see who was dancing/basically having sex with who. i spotted this boy dancing with a girl that was older then me, my heart absolutely sank. what did i expect? it's a dance, he's a hot kid, he's going to be dancing with older girls. i started walking back to where all my friends were. i danced with my friends, and then the first slow song came on free fallin' by john mayer. and instantly people started coming up to be saying "____ is looking for you" over and over again. finally from a distance, i saw him. he was pushing his way through the crowd and when he got to me, he picked me up and hugged me. we started dancing, and i had a permanent smile on my face, we talked a little bit about our dinners and such, when he leaned down and pressed his forehead on mine, and gave me the softest kiss. that was my movie perfect kiss, that i will never forget as long as i live.

the cutest kiss i've had was my most recent first kiss, it's not all that recent cuz it was almost a year ago. but anyways, i had been talking to this kid for about a month and we decided i was going to sneak into his room, to "hang out". i snuck in and we were just laying down watching tv. when we started talking really close, he put his forehead on mine and just sat there. teasin' the crap outta me! i leaned down onto his shoulder and yelled "wow! i hate you!" when i came back up, he rested his shaky hand on my arm and kissed me. i thought it was so cute that he was so nervous that he was shaking! and i had known that he had kissed plenty of girls before me, and i was not expecting him to shake. i don't know about you, but when you figure out that the boy is just as nervous as you are, it's almost cute in a relieving kind of way.

so there you go, i've had my share of them all. there are some first kisses that have literally not meant enough to me to remember, or i didn't wanna touch onto all of them, but there are some!

so tell me, what were your first kisses like?


  1. goodness girl, i stumbled across your blog & i'm absolutly hooked! i love this. hahaa you've found yourself a new stalker!

  2. HELL.

    not really, i just wanted to be dramatic.
    but i think this was the most entertaining post i've ever read, like ever. haha i've been laughing to myself for the past 5 minutes just reading it! haha

  3. i loved this so much. my kiss post will be coming asap.