Monday, July 11, 2011

day one- ten things you want to say to ten different people.

person 1: you and i were inseperable, and when we were seperated because of your busy schedule, it didn't matter. because we were best friends, but more then that, sisters. it's sad how boys can come between friendships, and you're not the first person that it's happened with. but you were my leap of hope, someone i trusted again after my biggest trust letdown with my past best friend. i thought we were more then this, this stupid high school drama; but i guess God keeps reminding me, that people have different agendas, and i may not be in them. i will never forget our memories, thank you for all you've done.

person 2: even though we haven't known each other all that long, i feel like i have never met someone on the same wave length as me. we can go from doing completely spontaneous things to just laying in your basement, and we are completely content with our lives. i've confided so many things in you, i never  thought i would so easily confide in someone. you are so talented and strong; and i admire that so much. from dealing with our boy problems to making an apple :) i thank god everyday that he put you in my life.

person 3: i miss you. i still dream about you all the time. i hate that we have gotten to where we are, when all we ever thought was that we were going to be in each others lives forever and ever. you've given me the most happiness and the most sorrow in my entire life. your smile and laugh was the one thing that would brighten my day. i'm so glad we got our closure, finally. i hope you live a happy life and achieve all your dreams. i wish we could be in each others lives, but that just isn't in the cards for us. thanks for all you've done and making me realize that i will always be let down with the things i thought would never disappear. 

person 4: you are my idol. i look up to you in so many different ways. the sacrifices you've made for me and my sister, there is no comparison. you are thee strongest person i know, by far. you and i have been through the rounds together, and we're more of a team then anything. i love you.

person 5: you are my backbone, my strength. what keeps me going when times get hard. my motivation. even though i cannot see you anymore, and you live with a different family, you will always have the biggest spot in my heart. my first baby sister, we grew up together; and went through the really hard times together. i miss you more then i have ever missed anything, and i wish i could be a part of your life. know that i love you more then anything, and one day; we will see each other again.

person 6: my best friend since summer going into 8th grade.. we have been there for each other through our hardest times in our lives. and i wouldn't want to have gone through anything without you. i really don't know what i would do without you. you are the person who snaps me back into my reality, when all i want to do is hide in a little hole. you make me keep going, and you make me face my fears. i think you are the one person that really can tell me whats up. i hate living so far away, but i think that this shows that a true friendship can never be broken from a stupid thing called distance. CB <3

person 7: these past 10 months have been a real roller coaster, that's for sure. but i wouldn't change them for anything. i am so thankful that we met, and have been through all that we have. i love you so much, and if i didn't i wouldn't put up with half the stuff i do. you never ever give up on me, ever. and i am so thankful for that. we have had so many good times too, and even though sometimes you make me wanna jab my eyes out, i wouldn't ever change my junior year for anything.

person 8: when i look at my foot, i am reminded on why i am strong; and why i get through all my tough times, because you are looking down on me. thank you.

person 9: i wish i could have actually hit you. this isn't over, don't cross my path again. learn to let people fight their own battles, and get your facts straight.. oh and don't forget to run away yelling "douche bags!!!".. thank you.

person 10: been friends since first grade, holla! i honestly feel like we are going to be friends our entire life, you are one of my biggest inspirations! you have no idea, i look up to you sooo much! i feel like we are always in the same boat, or we always understand what either of us are going through, i just want you to know i love you, and i'm here.. always.

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  1. Thank you Cass, I love you so much. I'll ALWAYS be here. DUH. you know that. You're my hero. You're going to help me name my kids someday, and you'll have to approve of my husband, and yes, of course you'll always be in my life; I KNOW that. <3 xo.