Friday, June 3, 2011

summer 2011

this summer, i am going to start out with destroying grand rapids michigan.. make them remember me, and remember that when i mean business.. i mean business. teach some girls a lesson, and rekindle some friendships up in hurrr.

just got to my dad's house, and all i have been doing is reliving last summer. so many dejavu's on the way here.. tiffany road, old neighborhoods, 7/11, pizza places.. and just the feeling and look of the roads and how i felt last summer.
not something i wanna do.

there are too many things that connect with people, i just don't want to connect to anymore.

so my plan?
get as crazy as i can, do as many outrageous things as i can, and make sure that THIS summer trip to michigan; is better then last summer trip.

is it possible? maybe, maybe not.. but i can promise you this..
i have a mission, and i will complete it;
i am going to keep a positive outlook on this trip, and i'm not
going to let the past get me down, and make me want it.
i am going to make bigger and better memories for myself.
if i run into people i don't like, you better believe i'm going to
laugh in their freakin' faces, for 20 minutes or so..

so people of michigan, old friends, people i really dislike, and michigan in general..
are you ready for this? you're probably thinking yes.. but i promise you; you're not.

1 comment:

  1. oh gawl... cass is on a rampage...
    everyone watch out, tighten your shoelaces, and run as fast as you can..

    miss you already baby g.
    p.s. I reallllllly like the Tiffany road part (: xo