Sunday, June 26, 2011

i think i've realized a lot of things on my michigan trip this year, i had no idea what to expect coming into it, but i learned a lot.

1. things change, as do people and their intentions. people that i was with countless times last year, i either saw a couple times or none. which is really sad to think about, people that were my best friends.. i mean, i understand i moved; but it doesn't mean i don't care about them anymore. i think i realized who truly were my good friends from the beginning, and i thank you guys for that.

2. i am so blessed to live where i live. there are so many more things to do in utah than michigan. going up the mountains alone can entertain me for hours on end. the beauty of it, is amazing. the people (mostly) are sooo loving and fun to be around! i just love where i live. 

3. i miss grant. as much as he may make me angry and get mad over little stupid stuff. the simple daily hang outs, even just being able to see him; i miss that a lot. i think i realized how important he has been to me and my life this year. i couldn't of asked for a better person to be placed in my life when he was. sweetest guy you will ever meet, i promise you that.

4. my friends in orem are bomb. do noooot get me wrong, i love my friends here; i do. michigan has given me many people i will hold onto for the rest of my life. but i miss my home friends! i don't think there is any other people i can be more myself around. janessa, smoot and kelli; i can be immature with them for hours then turn right around and have a 4 hour serious talk about things. annie, my best friend; there is no explanation i can give you to how she has shaped my life. she and i can be any mood within 5 minutes and i love her for that. joe, landon, foxy, river, katie, and jake; my summer homies from last year, i can't wait to reconnect with you guys this year again, and have the 2nd best summer of my life. tiffanie, my baby girl! someone i can literally talk to about literally anything, we go way too far back, i miss her sunshine smile. sar and kerb! my babbbby chickens, i am looking forward to spending a lot of days by the pool with them. skylar, a proven fact that people can get over the biggest hardships with eachother and help eachother with other serious stuff, another person i plan to spend many days and nights with by the pool.

5. thank you mom for making me wait out my junior year before making a decision to move back to michigan. you were right- she's thinking: i always am cass. i wouldn't wanna be anywhere else then in my mommy's arms for my senior year, i need you! i do. as much as timpanogos makes me wanna jab my eyes out, i love my friends and the lifestyle of timp, and i'm ready to tear up my senior year for sure.

6. my mom is my best friend. we fight a lot, but i don't realize how much we truly get along til i am away from her. i really don't know what i would do without her in my life. god gave me a huge gift when he gave me my mommy. lu and i always cry when we leave her at the airport, and this time; i probably will cry when i see her! i miss her so bad.

7. just over it. i'm over a lot of things i should have been a long time ago; thanks for dragging it out so long. i could go the rest of my life without thinking about these things EVER again. best feeling ever.

8. i miss my cats. period, no other words for that.

9. my michigan clan, is quite lovely! even though there are 9 people in our family, i wouldn't want it any other way. i am so lucky that i got a step family that i actually enjoy to be around, and can be myself. i love them all with everything i have.

about 6 days til i am homebound, and i really cannot wait. i have enjoyed hanging out here for a bit, rekindling friendships, making a scene, closing chapters in my life, making new friends, but mostly being with my family. but i belong in the great big O, utah. see you guys sooooon.


  1. I am DYING for you to get home.
    You're amazing.
    I miss you so freakin bad.
    And thank you for your sweet and always inspiring words.
    6 more days!!!!! (: (: YES!!!!!
    Love you so much!

  2. i hope you know i freakin love this post. i just read it three times!! come home now. O-town misses you! really. (even though i'm from lindon..) pool time baby! yeeeee buddy.