Monday, June 13, 2011


warning: this post could get harsh

dear bitches that have been pain in my asses since... forever,

it's funny how you say you hate me to everyone, but when you see me; you go into your shell and pretend to like me. what is it? are you scared? you know, i thought we had grown up a little, but i guess you guys didn't? the funny thing is; is half (if not more) try to promote "better mental health" and "stop teen suicide", well i think that's pretty contradicting of your actions.. if it was any other girl that could be weaker then me, i guarantee that after all that you have put me through, and all the mean names; they wouldn't want to live anymore. so are you trying to promote this cause, for what reason? you guys are the REASON why some people want to die, because of how you act, and how you treat people. nooo, i'm not saying you treat everyone that way; but in general. those actions that people use, make them want to die. think i'm harsh, and i guarantee you will probably make fun of me, talk shit, and other countless things you do, cuz that's just who you guys are to me. but let's step back a little bit, if you have a legitimate reason to not like me, because i did something to you; then fine, be a little baby and not get over things.. but i know for a fact, that half of you bitches that are running your mouth DON'T have anything on me. just a little stupid high school ripple effect. i guess it just shows your maturity level. yeah i deleted you guys on facebook, because i don't need to waste my space of people, for people that are not worth my time.

now let me back up, i think it's great everything you guys have done for zach, i truly think it is.. and some of the things you have done, are really really honorable.. but if you guys are going to promote such a broad subject, maybe you should reconsider how you think it's okay to treat not only me, but other people. i guess my forehead just has a sign on it that says "sup bitches, talk shit on me". and you know what, i've gotten used to you guys; i honestly think you guys are a joke half the time, you guys seem to be living a GREAT life; just partying til you black out basically every weekend, it's pretty classy... me and my utah friends get a kiiiick out of how stupid you guys look. congrats.

so in reality, the jokes on you; because i honestly don't care, and at the end of the day.. you didn't succeed to make me feel small, you just make yourself look like an ass. because you try so hard to make someone that lives 1588 miles away from you guys, feel stupid.. in the beginning like 5 years ago, some things that were said would sting.. but now, i really am numb to it. you think i care what you guys think? i never have, and i never will.

so now, go tell all your little friends to come read this blog post, I KNOW YOU WILL; you guys always sit around the computer and mock me.. so i welcome you to. i know you guys have nothing better to do with your time, so go ahead. have at it!

to all of you guys who have stood by my side and stuck up for me, thank you. i love you guys.


  1. holy cow i love this. and you for being a tough cookie. you're amazing. i love you!

  2. If blogs had a like button...I'd click it for this

  3. get it girl. I know these kinds of girls. nooot cool with me. stay strong - you clearly are, and I hope these "girls" read this, and feel retarded. I love you cass!

  4. atta girl. you said it better than anyone else could,

    love you baby girl.