Friday, June 24, 2011

Bucket List

1. ride an emu
2. travel europe
3. fall in love and stay in love
4. learn all the continents song
5. watch a loved one/s graduate
6. go on a road trip with my friends
7. randomly pick up and go on a trip
8. brings TOMS to kids in africa that i purchased for them
9. inspire someone
10. have an all nigher without sleeping at all the next day
11. kiss in the rain
12. meet eminem and kiss him(kissing optional)
13. get a tattoo for my uncle
14. write an anonymous note to someone to uplift their day
15. get my nose pierced
16. tell someone exactly how i feel in a letter
17. convince someone that i am part of sons of anarchy
18. meet my personal noah from the notebook
19. watch my little sisters grow up and have kids
20. get a matching tattoo with someone
21. go skydiving
22. graduate high school
23. watch the meteor shower
24. become a true t-wolf
25. carve me and my lovers name in a tree
26. ride around a store in the electric cart
27. sleep in an igloo
28. eat a whole tomato without gagging
29. learn another language and be fluent at some point
30. be with sophie on her 18th birthday
31. have my perfect wedding with rainboots and all
32. have family pictures taken in ugly sweaters
33. open my own candy shop called "lulu's candy"
34. become famous for the biggest candy store, ever
35. be the host of a documetary
36. get truly lost and find our way home
37. get an associates degree in something
38. find sophie
39. do a road trip with my best friend
and so on...

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