Saturday, May 7, 2011

a true friend

a true friend doesn't go and say that what you're doing isn't okay to other people, they say it to your face. true friends don't always agree with the decisions you make, but they without a doubt stand by you. a true friend doesn't judge you, but accepts you.

throughout my life, i have come across people that i thought are true friends, and maybe at the time.. they were true friends. but also, a lot of people have left me and never came back.. the people i thought were true friends to me. this past year i lost one of the people i thought would never leave my side, she was the one person that was there for me through it all, let me cry in her arms millions of nights, and told people to shut their mouth when they would talk ish on me, even if she didn't agree with my decisions either. she picked me up when i fell down, and she stood with her arms up not letting the world fall on my head. but this year, everything changed. i am grateful she came into my life, but it's a prime example that you don't always get to hold onto the people that changed your life. people walk away, and you don't have a choice in their actions. and sometimes, you're not as worth it to them, as they are to you. i moved away, and yeah things drifted; but we always seemed to pick up where we left off.. but now it will never be the same, and i'm starting to become okay with that.

recently, i realized what a true friend really is. they are forgiving, they are loyal, and they don't question your character for one second; because people make mistakes, and nobody is perfect. and a true friend realizes that.

annika leigh madsen is a prime example of a true friend. i know i've been talking about her a lot lately, but she deserves it. she seems to be the only one sticking by my side right now, the only one that is accepting me. she knows that i mean well, and i am struggling right now. not that it's obvious or anything. but i just wanted to thank her one more time (not any promises that i wont blog about her again), but thanks annie.. because right now, you're all i got.

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