Tuesday, April 5, 2011

to do or not to do...

i can't decide if i want to blog on the daily while i'm in florida (not sure if i'm going to have internet access) or if i want to wait and just do 1 big blog update when i get back! either way, i leave tomorrow. sound the hallelujah chorus! i have been waiting forever, and you guys are probably annoyed with my rants about it, so i apologize for that..

peace out 801 (oh hey, i just am a 7th grader; it's fine), wont be missin' much of you. a few select people but not 801 in a whole.

so either sayonara til april 16, or see you on the daily.
maybe i'll flip a penny.

it's time to tear ishhh up, here i come SBFL11.. you'll be a memorable, i'm sure of it.

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